Colby Dickens - Guitar, Vocals

Colby has been playing guitar since 16, loves music and the moods it can create. He has been playing in Austin bands for the past 13 years or so. Has a firm belief that life is beautiful and crazy all at once, passing that through the tunes you hear. He believes this is what it is all about, making good music with good people.

  • WPW 3:07
  • Baby Baby Baby4:06
  • Tomorrow4:51
  • 30 60 904:54
  • Handshake Drugs4:17
  • Ear Candy5:04
  • No More Games4:32

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  • TVR

Richard Lee - Drums, Vocals

Early in his life, Richard witnessed the powerful hypnotic effect that drummers wield on unsuspecting females.  Looking to harness that power, Richard reprioritized his entire life around mastering the elusive 4/4 beat.  And although Richard believes that he has not fully honed his craft, newcomers to the TVR scene are amazed at the many women of all walks of life, hanging about the stage in a euphoric state and exercising a general lack of good judgment. ;)

The Vinyl Revival

  • Radio City4:08
  • Yin Yang3:57
  • The Wait4:04

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David James - Bass Guitar

David has a true passion for music.  David has played in several bands over the last 17 years but has a close connection with his band mates Colby and Rich in TVR. Having played in bands with each of them in years past, this connection and level of comfort shows when you see TVR live.